Sunday, November 29, 2009

Evolution Of The Sea Siren

Handmade sea glass necklace with cobalt blue sea glass by Out Of The Blue Seaglass JewelryEighteen years ago while living in Rincon, Puerto Rico I taught myself this simple bead weaving pattern. I made this necklace with Japanese glass seed beads and cobalt blue sea glass that I collected from the beaches of Rincon. I have had this necklace for eighteen years and still wear it, but I know it will not last forever.

I have always looked to the ancient world for inspiration. I often find myself asking what ancient people that lived by the sea would have done with sea glass. Fueled by that inquiry I strive to make sea glass jewelry that if properly cared for would last for generations - heirloom quality.

So the woven sea glass necklace in the image above evolved into the necklace you see in the image below. Nine pieces of sea glass have given way to five pieces of sea glass and five spiraling charms, which looks less cluttered to my eye. I made the chain, clasp and spirals with thick gauge sterling silver wire. This necklace gains it's strength from the thick wire which is work hardened before and during the jewelry making process. With proper care this necklace will last for generations and could possibly someday become an antiquity.

Handmade sea glass necklace with seafoam green sea glass by Out Of The Blue Seaglass Jewelry


  1. Bravo!..Nicely done Lisl. This is sure to inspire new comers to sea glass jewelry. your layout was simple to follow and easy to understand. FYI..I completely love your original prototype. Don't you love looking back at your humble beginnings and seeing how far you have come. Once again you are an inspiration. I hope my journey becomes as fruitful as yours. Fair Winds and Calm Seas. Deborah Leon

  2. beautiful Lisl, I like the bead work one too, and you never know, in NY we saw the Native Indian bead work dresses and jewellery and they were passed down the generations too. Both examples are works of art x

  3. Thanks for the good point Penny - Maybe I will re-visit the original again one day. Bead cords are so resilient nowadays. It will have to wait until I am finished getting the shelves stocked on the new site...

  4. Beautiful!! and yet simple. I admire artists who have no problem sharing how to make things! Kudos to you for being open and sharing! I believe you get back 10x what you give~~