Friday, October 18, 2013

Earrings With Sheet Metal

On my last post I wrote about having just finished three pairs of sterling silver earring components. Well, later that evening my mind drifted over the textures of the components and I found myself feeling like the soul of these elements had not quite emerged. With the rolling mill I created some organic and nuanced textures and really wanted to make sure that the texture was as enhanced as possible and that is where creating a patina comes in! Antiquing by oxidizing really adds depth to texture and brings out the spirit and soul of silver and other metals. So the next morning I decided to antique and burnish these components again. I am glad that I did! I hit one glitch and could not find two pieces of seafoam green sea glass that I had matched up for one of the pairs! That's OK as things circulate they will show up. So that left me with two pairs completed. One with kelly green sea glass and the other with lavender sea glass. The lavender pair has since sold. I love the way these earrings came out. They have an elegant and organic beauty!

Creative Cosmic Chaos Earrings

Blissful Ocean Tide Earrings


  1. They are lovely Lisl and if you keep the same patterns they will become your own characteristic style too!Ariadnefromgreece!

  2. Hi Ariadne ~ So nice to see you! I am using similar processes with my rolling mill and things come out differently every time! However, there is a similarity and relationship between the different pieces:)