Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Finished For The Day

Just finishing a fun and productive day in the studio! This afternoon I played around with sterling silver sheet metal. One of the latest additions to my studio is a rolling mill and it is now one of my favorite tools. I created the texture on the earring components below by running sheet metal, scrap wire, recycled elastic cord and masking tape through the rolling mill. After sawing the rectangular forms from the textured silver I drilled the holes and added hand wrapped ear wires. Oh, before making the ear wires I hand finished the silver with files and sanding papers. Then I dunked these components into a patina solution to give the silver some ancient soul, cleaned them up some and then burnished them. Now these silver elements await to be adorned with matched up sea glass ( happening tomorrow ). Hopefully, I will get them photographed and added to our website tomorrow as well: Out Of The Blue Sea Glass Jewelry

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