Thursday, October 3, 2013

Good Morning

The day starts very early at Out Of The Blue Sea Glass Jewelry!  It is just after 6:00 am here on the west coast of Florida and today's shipping labels have already been printed and orders galore are getting ready to ship. Our postal carrier picks up our orders at the house so we save on gas, time and aggravation ~ Sweet! My focus today will be getting the studio ready for the holiday rush and photographing new jewelry creations to add to our website. This week has been very productive already. We have oodles of new jewelry on our website. Over the last few days we have added some amazing new pendants with some of the best aquamarine sea glass that has ever been collected. We collected some of these treasures in the Caribbean and some in England.

Aquamarine sea glass that we found while wandering the beaches of the Caribbean hangs from a soulful, organic bale that was made by hand here in our studio.

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