Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wire Wrapped Sea Glass Pendants

Sea glass jewelry and beach glass jewelry handmade by Lisl Armstrong of Out Of The Blue Sea Glass Jewelry
Wire wrapping an object for the purposes of adornment is an ancient jewelry technique that serves to not only create a setting for an object but to protect it as well. When I set out to wrap a piece of sea glass with wire I set the following two intentions:

1) To create a piece of sea glass jewelry that has a rustic and ancient beauty

2) To create a piece of sea glass jewelry that is very strongThe idea that I am creating a setting stays at the front of my mind throughout the process and challenges me to make a piece of jewelry where the item is securely held in place by it's setting alone. I never use glues or adhesives to achieve this goal.

I work with heavy gauge sterling silver wire which hammers beautifully and holds shapes like spirals well. The outcome of the intentions outlined above combined with the thick gauge wire results in a wire wrapped piece of sea glass jewelry that with proper care will be enjoyed by the wearer for decades - and could be considered to be a rustic piece of heirloom jewelry.

Many new wire wrapped pendants have just been added to my website and can be viewed by visiting: Out Of The Blue Sea Glass Jewelry

A wire wrapped setting should hold the object securely in place without the use of glues or adhesives. Jewelry artists that sell their work and use glues or adhesives should always disclose that in the item description. Over time glues and adhesives break down when used with sea glass so the effect is only temporary.


  1. lovely Tucson the Gem Show is just beginning, wish you could show here.

    Funny, I was just writing about a friend who was a Mermaid; I know she would have loved this magical jewellry.

  2. Lauren thank you so much for the lovely comments. I am not a "show" person and rarely do them. However, I have wanted to make the pilgrimage to Tucson for a long time. Would love to go shopping for African trade beads and other cool goodies!

    Peace ~ Lisl

  3. Hello Lisl,
    As I also am a member of seaglass Artists & Collectors I discovered your blog and like to follow the beautiful jewelry you make. Maybe I learn more about "how to"...

  4. Hello Marika,

    I am so happy that you are enjoying Sea Glass Artists & Sea Glass Collectors:)I really enjoy our wonderful community. Anyone who would like to join can use this link:



  5. Your work is beautiful! I don't work with sea glass but have just started selling my own fused glass work online. I've added your blog to my reader for inspiration!