Monday, October 21, 2013

Florida Sea Glass

Most of the sea glass I make jewelry with we collected ourselves over a fifteen year period while living in Puerto Rico and we have collected sea glass from beaches all over the world. Some of our sea glass is purchased from soulful fellow beachcombers that we have met in our travels. It is an honor to support their beachcombing habit. By the time we moved to Florida a few years ago we already had a massive jewelry quality sea glass collection that will serve jewelry making purposes for many years to come. 

Florida beaches are outrageously beautiful and the beachcombing can be incredible. Colorful seashells, sea beans, ancient fossilized sharks teeth along with other ancient fossilized treasures wash up with abundance during perfect conditions and the conditions are often more perfect than not. 

In our experience sea glass is an incidental find. Once in a long while we will find a piece and we are frequently wandering one of our local beaches. Over the years we have found the odd cobalt blue and aquamarine piece. When we do find sea glass it is usually soda or beer bottle green, brown or white. So when we do find it here, even if it in the more common colors it is kind of exciting. Admitidly, most of the pieces we find here we would have skipped over if we were beachcombing one of the world's sea glass honey holes because we would be focusing on the rare colors. However, I cherish the pieces we find here and our humble bowlful is a prized part of our collection! Finding sea glass is not only about finding that rare color or an abundance of it. It is about the story it tells and the experience of finding it. 

Green Sea Glass That We Found On Boca Grande, Florida

Amber Sea Glass That We Found On Boca Grande, Florida

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