Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sea Glass Jewelry: Color Harmony ~ Part I

Last week I indulged in the studio and immersed myself in a beautiful world of sea glass, soulful old trade beads and silver. Using the color wheel as my creative astrolabe or North Star I navigated the waters of color theory and found myself adventuring in a whole new universe. I made several bracelets according to the design principles of color theory. Two are pictured below and pictures of the rest of the bracelets I made last week will appear in my next blog post.

Triadic Composition: Primary Colors

The bracelet above has pink, yellow and cobalt blue sea glass along with some old glass and stone beads. This color combination is a triad that is made up of three colors that are equidistant from each other on the color wheel.  A harmonious composition with energizing contrast. The use of pink softens the contrast. This color scheme is refreshing, grounded and cheerful.

Split Complementary:  Red, Yellow-Green, Blue-Green

This bracelet is a split complementary where one color is selected (red bead) along with two colors that are next to it's complimentary on the color wheel (yellow-green sea glass and blue-green bead). In this color composition contrast is still alive but with a confidence that is a little more casual.


  1. Lisl, I love your blog. You're Color Harmony is so helpful. It reminded me to get out my color wheel and use it!
    Thank you, Maureen Huzinec

  2. yes a very harmonious competition, love the bracelet and your choice of colours, good idea to add a red bead in with the seaglass. After all it isn't like we can walk the beaches and pick red seaglass in numbers. (ps I"m not able to add my wordpress blog address above to your comment section.... gives illegal characters???) I'll look at this after I post.