Saturday, October 5, 2013

Like An Extension Of The Sea Itself

Of course all sea glass is beautiful! The sea takes in our broken glass and returns it to us as sea-jewel like treasures that in my experience feel charged with prana, the life force. After years in the ocean sea glass becomes something beyond the manmade ~ It's as if the sea and the glass have blended and have become one. When holding sea glass, collecting it, wearing it, contemplating it...I find that it brings me a sense of unity. I experience a blissful sense of having touched on the oneness. Sea glass in nirvanic aquamarines, turquoises and teals seems to be especially magical. These lovely treasures are like an extension of the sea itself and evoke a sense of the crystal clear waters of paradise. I have been working a lot with beautiful sea glass in these colors and am feeling the blissful effects! 

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  1. I love your jewelry and applaud your originality. I think it is safe to say that your jewelry is the most original compared to other companies.