Sunday, January 22, 2012

Post Holidays Studio Bliss

Home For Christmas
I love Christmas. We spent this Christmas with my family in Baltimore. Despite the late nights, too much wine and too many sugary treats I came out of the holidays refreshed and relaxed. My only complaint is that this was a snow-less Christmas. I love the icy crystal, sparkling snow and blue shadows of winter. However, the glowing Christmas tree, libations, confections and great company easily made up for that!

Now that the holiday hustle and bustle of filing orders and the gift wrapping frenzy has passed I can now indulge in doing the work I love ~ making jewelry. I have been spending long blissful hours in the studio.  I make most of my own jewelry findings ( findings are the components that hold jewelry together such as ear wires, pendant bales, links etc. ). This process calls on me to take my time and puts me into a peaceful contemplative state of mind. Using techniques that have changed little since ancient times I shape and form thick pieces of silver wire into soulful and durable creations. It is such a pleasure to keep these age old traditions alive. On some days music fills the air throughout the house and on other days the studio doors are thrown open to the sound of birds and the breeze. This past week I focused on pendants.

Two of my favorite pendant styles to make and wear are the Sacred Sea and the Sea Dragon. In both styles counter spirals flow endlessly celebrating the motion of the cosmos. With some of my multicolored English sea glass I like to make one pendant with two personalities.

Those of you already familiar with English multis know that many of the pieces have a side that is more vibrant and a side that is more subtle and diffused. Taking the cue from these magical treasures I enjoy creating bale elements that echo this vibe. In the pendants pictured below one side of the bale has a shiny silver finish and celebrates the more obvious side of the sea glass. Keeping in spirit of the diffused side of the sea glass I finished the bale with a matte texture that evokes a soft sea-mist. This design also celebrates the beach as some days are sunny and crystal clear while others are blanketed in mystery as the sea fog rolls in. I love either scenario.

Sacred Sea Bale

Sea Dragon Bale

Sea Dragon Bale


  1. I love sea glass and seaglass jewelry. We collect small pieces at our local beach all summer long. Thanks for becoming a follower.

  2. Such sea glass above are admirable. They have shades of blue and green not just all green or blue.